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Last amended: 4-8-17

Article 1 Name, Boundaries

Section 1 - The name of this association shall be "Mid-West Fairs Association."

Section 2 - The geographical boundaries of Mid-West Fairs Association are hereby defined to encompass the following states: Arkansas, Colorado,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Fairs either inside or outside these boundaries may become members of the Association.

Article 2 Purposes

Section 1 - The purposes of this Association shall be to promote and encourage all the worthwhile objectives for which fairs and expositions are organized and operated; to disseminate information of advantage to its members; and to hold annual and special meetings.

Article 3 Membership

Section 1 - The Association shall have no capital stock.

Section 2 - There shall be two types of membership: Active and Honorary.

Section 3 - Active membership shall be comprised of fairs and expositions organized as corporations, associations, societies and/or departmentsof the states described in Art. 1,Section 2. Active membership shall not exceed a total of forty (40) fairs and each fair must be a member of the International Association of Fairs & Expositions. (See qualifying provisions in Art. 3, Sec. 8.) Membership from outside the geographical boundaries of the Association shall not exceed 40 percent of the current active membership.

Section 4 - Honorary Life Membership may be accorded certain persons who have been employed by fairs that have been members of this Association upon the voted approval of two-thirds of the total, active membership. Life membership may only be accorded to persons no longer employed by an IAFE-member fair, and such membership will be suspended if honoree re-establishes fair employment.

Section 5 - Any IAFE-member fair wishing to become an active member of the Association must submit a letter of application to the secretary and be approved by a simple majority vote of the current active membership at its next regular meeting. A simple majority vote of the total active membership is required for fairs within the geographic boundaries, two-thirds vote of the total active membership is required for fairs outside the geographic boundaries. Individual ballots may be cast for each proposed applicant being considered by the membership.

Section 6 - Membership shall not be transferable.

Section 7 - Any active member fair that does not attend and participate in the annual meeting of the Association for two consecutive years will be automatically dropped from membership. A one-year waiver of this provision may be allowed for a member fair upon a simple majority vote of the current, total membership. Such waiver shall be for cause.

Section 8 - From time-to-time, active membership may be expanded by up to no more than three (3) additional positions by a simple majority vote of the current active membership provided the following limitations are observed: Membership expansion may occur only once in any five-year period and only during a period of full membership; Membership expansion may only be effected in response to a current membership application.

Article 4 Dues

Section 1 - The annual dues of the Association shall be set one year in advance by majority vote of those member fairs present at each annual meeting. Dues statements shall be mailed to the membership on or before November 15 for the coming year and shall be due and payable on or before February 1. Any member fair which fails to submit its dues payment in a timely manner shall be automatically terminated as a member of the Association. Any fair so terminated, may apply to re- establish its membership through the process outlined in Art. 3, Section 5 herein.

Section 2 - No dues shall be assessed honorary members.

Article 5 Officers, Duties of Officers

Section 1 - The officers of this Association shall be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer who shall be elected from the active membership at the annual meeting and serve for one year, and/or until their successors are elected and qualified. No person shall be eligible for reelection as president after having served two consecutive years until at least one year has elapsed.

Section 2 - The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the voting members.

Section 3 - The first vice president shall perform the duties of the president if unable.

Section 4 - The secretary-treasurer shall keep the records of the Association and receive and disburse the funds of the Association under the direction of its members.

Section 5 - The secretary-treasurer shall sign all contracts and checks, and shall prepare for each annual meeting an itemized report of all receipts and disbursements included in the financial statement.

Section 6 - The secretary-treasurer and/or delegate shall be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses incurred while performing the duties of the office.

Article 6 Meetings

Section 1 - The annual meeting of the members of this Association shall be held at the time and place selected by the president or by a committee designated by the president and be approved by a simple majority vote of the active membership.

Section 2 - Special meetings of the Association may be called by the president, provided that all active members have been notified at least ten days before the meeting.

Section 3 - Each active member of the Association shall be entitled to one vote. Honorary members shall have no voting privilege.

Section 4 - Guest (non-member) attendance and participation at the annual meeting shall be by invitation issued through the office of secretary. Each active member may submit one (only) guest name to the secretary for invitation to the next annual meeting. These names must be submitted to the secretary by January 1. Names of non- member program participants, invited by the program chairman for that purpose only, must be submitted to the secretary for the purpose of invitation.

Section 5 - A registration fee may be assessed each individual representative of an active member (fair) or a representative of an invited guest attending the annual meeting, amount to be determined by president, secretary and site selection chairman. This fee shall be due and payable thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting along with a request for appropriate hotel accommodations.

Article 7 Fiscal Year

Section 1 - The fiscal year of the Association shall end on January 31.

Article 8 Committees

Section 1 - The president shall have the power to appoint any committee as may be necessary in the interest of the Association.

Section 2 - Committees have the power to meet by conference call; or other electronic means/methods as long as any results derived from such committee be reported in the form of minutes or formal recommendations to the president and secretary prior to the annual meeting, so these results can be included in the meeting agenda for further member consideration.

Article 9 Records

Section 1 - All records of the Association shall be in the custody of the secretary-treasurer.

Article 10 Amendment

Section 1 - These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the current active membership at any annual or special meeting of the association provided that a copy of the proposed amendments has been mailed to the active members at least thirty days prior to the annual or special meeting.

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